Re my forthcoming book

This e-mail sent to all my friends to day. If you would like to register an interest in the book please read and follow the instructions. Please take the time to read my World Peace Campaign ideas and Dancers For Peace

Thank You

Hi Everyone,

Please forgive the impersonal nature of one message
to everyone. However, there’s news and I want to get it out to you all
as quickly as possible. When I was home in England I received a proof
copy of my book from the publishers for checking. It was fantastic to
see a printed copy! I marked up all the corrections and sent it back,
but I don’t know how long it will take before you can buy it.

I looked at the publisher’s website and out of curiosity did a search
for my book to see if there was any news. It’s listed on the website as
COMING SOON. And there’s a place you can click to express interest so
that they will e-mail you as soon as it’s available.

We all know
about computers and it may just be an automated thing that no one
checks, but it did occur to me that if they’re getting lots of
enquiries from potential buyers then that may not do any harm at all,
and might even spur things along!

here’s the thing. If you are interested in buying my book, please go to
the website, details below and express an interest. Please only do this
if you’re likley to buy a copy since I don’t want to create a false
impression. For any of my friends who don’t know, the book is called Of
Land, Sea And Sky and it’s about my life up until the time I started
travelling as a boat gypsy. There may be a follow up!

The book’s
not just about me, it’s about people that have inspired me as well and
covers all sorts of topics, sailing, growing up (still trying),
relationships (still trying), skydiving, car racing, motorcycle racing,
running a business, dancing, vintage clothes and more. Hopefully you’ll
find something to interest you!

My idea for a new kind of world
peace campaign is also there and it’s an idea I’d like to get out to as
many people as possible. I’d also like to find the financial backing to
try and make it a reality, so if you believe in that goal any help is

you think any of the above topics would interest people, in your
address book or on your friends list please, please copy it to them and
likewise if this has been forwarded to you and you think you can
forward it again please do. If you want to check out my peace campaign
idea before you say anything to anyone, then go to:
http://www.sailorsnook.spaces. or search for World Peace Organisation on Yahoo 360

If anyone buys my book I’m deeply grateful to you. If I sell enough books my peace campaign may become a reality.

If anyone amongst my friends wants to help sell a few copies then please e-mail me or talk to me.
e-mail   Skype malcolm.snook   cell phone +447956 323202 SMS texts are preferable due to the cost of
receiving international calls.

of you with businesses, blogs or relevant club memberships and contacts
may be able to sell a few and of course make something for yourselves
in the process. I’ll find out about trade terms for you or just order
copies for myself and send them to you – whatever it takes.
I say
club memberships because the book could be sold through sailing clubs,
chandleries, skydiving clubs, the British Parachute Association and
other national parachuting associations, car racing clubs, motorcycle
racing clubs, dance clubs and organisations, as well as through retail
outlets, motorcycle dealerships and similar businesses, blogs and
internet businesses etc etc.

Some of you may live in far flung
countries where you are the only friend I have in that corner of the
world, if you want to try and do something in your market please let me
know directly.

So finally, here is how you make your book purchase enquiry.

(1) go

(2) click on search in the top right hand corner

Go to bookstore search (left column of two) and either type M Snook in
the author space, or Of Land, Sea And Sky in the title space
and you will then have the option to click on ‘Email me when this book is available’ and away you go!!

thanks in grateful anticipation, since I know quite a few of you have
expressed genuine interest and not just those who want to take me to

Malcolm Snook


About sailorsnook

I live on a boat and travel most of the time. I used to be a skydiving instructor, car and motorcycle racer. I ran my own advertising agency for many years. I'm interested in ski-ing and snowboarding, writing, music and dancing, particularly swing dancing. I have plans for a world peace campaign.
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