An idea from a friend


One of my friends suggested I ask all my other friends to try ordering
my book from their local library. Apparently many/most libraries will
buy a book if a member requests it. that way it’s free for you, I make
a sale AND ultimately many more people will read it/hear about my peace
campaign ideas.

Of course I should have thought of it earlier and if you’ve bought the
book I really am grateful, you could still get it into your local
library though! Pushy eh. Of course I don’t know about current library
policy or about countries other than the UK, but what have you got to
lose beyond a bit of time.

Thanks in advance to anyone who gives it a go. After some initial
problems Waterstones, WH Smith and Amazon are now finding it so I guess
the ISBN system is working.

Here are the details.
Title                                      Of Land, Sea And Sky
Author                                   Malcolm Snook
Publisher                               Trafford Publishing
ISBN number                         9781425157593
Thanks a bundle


About sailorsnook

I live on a boat and travel most of the time. I used to be a skydiving instructor, car and motorcycle racer. I ran my own advertising agency for many years. I'm interested in ski-ing and snowboarding, writing, music and dancing, particularly swing dancing. I have plans for a world peace campaign.
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